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((I assume that's surface thoughts only, BD

Also when did Flax arrive on Tatooine - is Orthos with him?

Also note I'm RPGing Cracken's character, but with his permission and also instructions---btw, Scar, disregarding your character's comment about how Vanguard never surprise him, because he's NEVER had experience with the Vanguard. Period))

*Cracken indicates that he's interested*


*The Vanguard try to follow the 'Commander', but Starr appears in front of them, cutting them off*

Starr: I take it you've come to stop us? Nice suits. My compliments to teh designer.

*ignites lightsaber* Can they block this?


Farran: Do you really think handing me to them will make them go away? No. Once they find out who I am, what I've done, what I've affected...


*The Blade tilts his head, as if not understanding*

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