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I have to say I love this mod, however a few small things bug me and I was curious if anyone else has noticed this?

1. /morigin does not work, nor does /amorigin
2. When switching maps via the console, sometimes the mod
3. I have found this cvar by doing the following:
loading Academymod, then starting a game. Exiting to main menu, then loading 'recycled', then loading academymod again.
The cvar in question is: g_useWhileThrowing

I'm curious if this is an academy mod function that is buggy, or if I have stumbled onto a cvar where all left socks and paperclips exist?

In case anyone is curious I have the mod installed in an 'academy folder' inside gamedata. I have it setup for server-side and I have a 'dummy'pk3' in as well.

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