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Name: Skaul Wahklour
Homeworld: Coruscant
Weight: 180 lbs
Bio: Tall, Has one spike on the front back and sides of head. He wears a long black robe(but is NOT jedi!!) and has black leather gloves. He carries a Golan Flechette GC-1 and Two DL- 44's.

Affiliates: Loner
Traveling Method:Ship
Ship:YT-2400 Modified with Quad Laser Turrets controllable from cockpit. Two Ion Cannons and Proton Torpedoe bays on both wings.
Ships Name: Maul Tear
BAckground: Born on Ithorian Herd Ship he was dropped off in the bowels of Coruscant to fend for himself. He had to fight and steal his way out of Coruscant to Tatooine were he worked smuggling glitterstem for Jabba but left when he bought the Maul Tear named after the infamous sith Zabrak Darth MAul.

I bow before the spoon.

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