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When Vampires Evolve their powers do increase, and their appearences also change less human...

Their resistences to elements also increase but still never prefect. Water is still would be very acidic to the touch. Fire would of course still burn, but would have lesser effect in the high evolved (more like a normal burn). Sunlight would only hurt majorly to the lesser of the evolved, would still hurt a litte to a more mild, and then lastly a weakness in the vampire's power to the most evolved. How ever that still doesnt stop the ol' stake in the heart and the lopping off of the head. ^_^

Some powers include; transforming into Wolves, Warewolves (either one the vampire decides to trandform into), a split up into a small group of bats done for traveling purposes, to mimic a human form, and a mist like form. Other powers could be a like minor mind tricks, levitation, and regeneration.))

*Vorador pearing through a window* "So they finaly arrived... Lets see if Vertmor can make sure those wont get into any of the traps..."

*Vorador walks back to his long table and sits. He picks up his goblet and takes a drink of the blood thats inside...*


*Vertmor leads the group inside, and into a dark foyer...*

Vertmor: "You people should stay behind me, and don't touch anything, and my I tell you that there may be some horrific things lurking inside..." *quickly turning around and yells* "THAT MIGHT EAT YOU!!!"

*the two children yelp and are quickly scared... Vertmor sees that K'warra wasnt impressed.*

Vertmor: "Aw, come on, I may be dead, but im not heartless, theres hardly anyone here, besides I always wanted to do that..."
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