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((OOS: The Aeges have interfered in this way before, Admiral, just not in this RPG (Alternate Universe, RPG for all, Hutt Gamble - with the Corzip/Deac/Rwos/Avatars circle, anyone?) Basically they just need to have a worthy cause (to them), and the permission of the involved parties.

Also they aren't as concerned as to dimensional travel as the Aesir, or they would have taken advantage of their several good opportunities to justifiably dump Rwos.

Ah, okay ^_^ @BD))

Farran: *considers* Very well. I take the---

*The Aege walks over to Farran* I offer an alternative...we could try and help you...I feel the distortion...

Farran: Who are you and how would you help me?

*Farran glances over at the Blades*

Their stances...they're ready to kill that woman...

*Farran debates saying something, giving a sidelong glance at the Valkyrie with a knife to his throat*


Blade: You are meddling in things that you do not understand. If you explain yourself, then we shall help you. If you do not, then we shall be forced to kill you.

*The second Blade looks at the sky and observes the fight. He turns to his companions and says something in an alien language*

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