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((Red: Hope you know that a sword and a knife are very different. A sword really isn't just a big knife))

Hirst: Three vs One, not really a fair fight. Maybe if there were six of you it might be fair but I'm not really sure, you may need more to equal it out.

Here are the facts. We know where the person your lookiing for is. There is only one Blade that we will work with. His name is Termand Rwos. Currenlty he is trying to free a Gallyava ship from the Shadows. Now if you bring him to us then we might work with you.

Oh, the only way you could help us is by leaving this dimension.
*Valkyries speaking in well in a form of Aesirian*

Valkyrie: Those three have no idea what they are getting themselves into

Valkyrie2: Might be fun to watch, if things go further.

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