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Aidan: What the...hell is that?

*The beast crawls over the the crumbling walls. Beyond them, an infinite plane of blackness is seen. The only walls still standing were the portions around the entry door, and inside the altered-gravity room.

The beast has a dragonlike head, two large batlike wings, a scorpion tail, five sets of legs with deadly claws on their ends. The very middle section of its body had a segment made from what appeared to be iron*

Aidan: Dragon-scorpion-centipede?

Marin: "Only one way to destroy it", that elf said...and I'm betting it's inside that metal part.

Aidan: Let's see if it survives being ripped apart.

*Aidan roars and jumps on the highest crumbling section of wall. He leaps from that into the air, opening his wings. He sends twin blasts of lightning-like energy at the creature from his hands. The creature rears up and knocks him from the sky.

Misae swings her lightsaber and rushes in at the monster. Guy pulls two blaster like weapons from his belt and starts firing*

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