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*The two Irvine's are taken to a freighter, WH Irvine now placed in one of another set of Bacta tanks. RH Irvine is proped agenst a wall. A man in robes stands in the dark...*

Man in robes: *To another man in room* "Wake him..."

*The other man walks to RH Irvine, and places a small vile of a small chemical under RH Irvine's nose. RH Irvine quickly awakens...*

RH Irvine: "Urgh..."

Man in robes: "I'd advise you not to attempt to stand, that explosion did put an number on you..."

RH Irvine: "I take this isn't a socal call... I feel like I've been hit by a runaway speeder, with hyper engines. What do you people want?" *Sees WH Irvine in a bacta chamber* "I take it that, there's info you need from me now, huh?"

Man in robes: "Well seeing as your the one whom has the ID chip implant, not him...."

RH Irvine: "Very informitive..." 'still sore...'

Man in robes: "I tend to be... So what exactly WAS your mission on board Syrnl's battleship? Why did you follow him? Why was he killed..."

RH Irvine: "Well your so smart, why don't you know?"

*A thrid man strikes RH Irvine across the face, Irvine didnt sense it coming.*

Man in robes: "Well if I knew, I wouldn't ask you then..." *Nods, and Irvine gets struck again...*

RH Irvine: "Okay then..." 'insensitive pricks...' "First, personal matter, none of your business; Second, Thought I'd get some info whats going on; Third, well if it wasn't for those inco's, I'd say it was a grudge..." *Gets struck again.* "Okay, I see whats going on here, I don't answer a question, I get hit, I answer one either falsely or truthfully, I get hit... Is thats whats going on?" *Gets struck once more...* "Oh yeah, forgot, asking a question..."

Man in robes: "Thats enough..."
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