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Still toying with the camera stuff. It's not very playable with full attachment (to the eyes) thou. The view moves so quickly in the flips and spins that it's hard on the eyes. Plus, the left/right leaning for straffing is simple insane. I'll keep playing with it but the system is probably going to have an attachment setting to let people use it without the whirl-and-puke that full attachment brings.

Anyway, here are some screenshots of the current system.....

Woah, I have a leg AND a foot!

I like to call this piece, "Sparks, Two Legs, and the Sky".

Coming out of a roll in this shot.

Kyle takes a shot nap.

Look ma! No..err..anything. (This is the view in the middle of a backflip.)

Lando getting a charge out of live...for the last 5 seconds of it.

Lando does the electric boogy.

Ok, that's enough bad jokes for now. Sides, I'm out of screenies.


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