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Originally posted by JediNyt:
It would destroy one of the main things that make us want to see movies. Its what performing is all about. If its CG then theres no performance.
Gotta disagree with you ther mate. Look at "Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within" - a completely CGI movie, and very popular, despite the fact that it cost them US$100 million to make, and it only took US$20 million in the US, I believe. The performances were all there, all realistic, all grapihically stunning. For example:

Dr. Aki Ross 01 02 03

The voice acting was excellent, the script was excellent, the story was a little dicey from the Japanese translation, admittedly, but hey, that's just nit-picking... It is possible to completely replace actors with CGI models today, although as you can see from the alien characters in Episode II, even the Obi-Wan CG when he was fighting against Boba Fett, still looks artificial, but with time, as better rendering engines are produced, this look of displacement will be eliminated and full CG actor integration will be undetectable.

Basically, the movements are all motion-captured and transferred onto the computer models, the voices are all recorded and the models are made to lip-synch with the speech, and the graphics will improve to make them look more realistic.

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