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I am a HUGE FF fan, games and the movie, and I agree with him.

It is never going to replace actors. If anything, it gives more jobs, as there is no WAY FF;TSW could have been done live action.

Lok at some of the awesome stuff they did. So much of it would have to be CG effects anyway!

The need for voice overs will cause more demand for trained actors. Getting the right face is one thing, but a voice can convey so much when it reads the line, and you want some of these lines to REALLY hit home.

I would have liked to seen another one, may be going back to their Dark Ages / Magic Ages roots, but unfortunately it did not get the support in the Box Office we had hoped for, and yet again, originality sinks from site as sequels reign!

Thanks peeps - now Microsoft own Squaresoft!

*breathes in and out slowly to srucb residual bitterness from sustem*

Sorry - still not gotten over that...


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