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Raziel to kurt:
"calm down man, im sure they will get you a ner astromech droid so be calm down"

Raziel and company where walking in the hall of the calamari Cruiser, and they entered to the command deck.
There were a lot of important looking people all satted in their own chairs.

"Welcome rookies, its a pleasure to see all of you in good shape, we heard about your performance in the hoth battle, so we decided to give you a new mission..."

The rookies felt a good feeling inside them, Tel and Kurt smiled
Raziel just glared surprised, but nobody spoke.

On of the people that were infront the rookies standed up, it was a middle aged man, with white hair in the center and a little blonde above his ears.

"The high command gave me the permission to be your commander, im General Reynir, at your service, -all the rookies saluted- no need for that now kids, just lets get something clear, you do what i say and you be fine... got it?"

All the pilots nooded

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