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*The creature knocks back Orthos with a stream of flame. It turns and hisses at Heimdall, then leaps onto a relatively high section of wall, swiftly and smoothly. It leaps into the air.

Aidan gets into the air as well and glides after it. He sends energy bolt after energy bolt after it, but they have no noticeable effect except to annoy the creature. It turns and sweeps Aidan out of the air again. Aidan hits another wall section, momentarily stunned. The creature circles and shoots a stream of fire again.

Aidan covers his body with a crackling energy field just as the fire sweeps over him. The flames stop and he lowers his arms just in time to see the creature's tail rushing at him.

The tail's spike impales Aidan through his stomach, pinning him to wall. The creature screeches as it withdraws its spike, and Aidan falls to the ground.

Raschel empties her entire blaster clip at the creature. It has no effect, even in getting the creature's attention. Misae's lightsaber does attract the creature, however, which bites it right out of her hand and heaves it spinning across the floor, still ignited.

Marin completes her morph into a large, shimmering blue wolflike creature. She calls out in thought speech* <Guys, I can see some kind of glowy thing in the iron part in its...third set of hips. I think it's a power source of some kind.>

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