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To use the origin command you must either have rcon access or trainer password.

if you have rcon password, login like this: (where hello is the password)

\rconpassword hello

then to use the command, you type:

\rcon morigin username
if you have "trainer" access:

\amlogin hello

then you can use the command:

\amorigin username

// NOTE: the parameter "username" can be anyone on the server...

If you dont put a username for the morigin, amorigin, it automatically executes on yourself and prints out your location: (x, y, z) When you use the teleport command, dont forget there are 5 parameters needed to execute the command (ex \amtele username 45 600 20 100) The last number "100" is the angle the person is facing, that number can be any number 1-360, does'nt matter really...

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