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((I think I'll do my character a little different this time around, a sort of narritive perspective ^_^))

*Raziel nearly yelled at me*: "Calm down man, I'm sure they will get you a new astromech droid so be calm down."

*The only way I responded* "I'm just sick of the crappy survice us rookies are getting..." *Wasn't really true, people here are too busy to deal even with most pilots...*


*Our little group walked down a hall of that Cruiser, We were heading for the command deck.
When we got there, there were a quite a few of important looking people all in their own chairs, sitting in a rectangular table, all facing us...*

*One spoke, I think about the thrid to the right* "Welcome rookies, its a pleasure to see all of you in good shape, we heard about your performance in the hoth battle, so we decided to give you a new mission..."

*Yeah us rooks felt a little better with the reconition, I even smiled a bit.
From the corner of my eye, I saw Raziel glaring a little surprised, none of us spoke.*

*One of those Officers that was mostly in front of us, stood up, it was a middle aged man, had a bit white hair, although his natual color still remained in a few places.* "The high command gave me the permission to be your commander, I'm General Reynir, at your service..." *Like good soldiers, we all saluted. How ironic next...* " need for that now kids, just lets get something clear, you do what I say and you be fine... got it?"

*We noded. But I smelled a rat. Rebels agenst the Imperials, very true. But these next few weeks would be quite the thing to tell my grandkids, If I ever to of had any... Kinda sad that a father to out-live a son...*
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