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((OOS: I'll assume Heimdall saw the "glowing thing" through a reflection through a chink in the creature's armor, because Marin's morph is what let her see it (it has a sort of x-ray vision that way...should have mentioned it in the first place ^^;; )))

*The creature takes to the air again. It scatters Heimdall and Orthos with another blast of fire*

Guy: *firing at the creature* We can't hit that if it doesn't hold still!

Marin: <Your belt. Is that a concussion bomb?>

Guy: *somewhat taken aback* Yes, it is...

Marin: <If we can lure the creature to the entrance of the room where Heimdall took the crystals, we can use that to knock it into one of the gravity traps. If it...>

Guy: And if it impales itself on one of the spikes, it will give us a window of at least a few seconds in which to try and deactivate it.

*Guy puts down his blaster, and takes out the concussion bomb*

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