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Ok I'll try to answer this best I can.

First the rcon thing. You were right, I forgot to set it *kicks self*
For what its worth tho, I simply use "viewpos" to get my coordinates. *shrugs*
Secondly, the map switch thing I fixed & I can tell you what it was, but not why it happened.
I had the mod installed in myjk2dir./gamedata/academy
Inside the academy folder was a "vm folder", a "academy.cfg", a "Description.txt", and a "dummy.pk3" (the pk3 was so I could load the mod from the 'mods' menu while in game)

Having it setup this way meant I could not change maps.
If I changed maps, the game "acted like" the mod unloaded.
I can't tell you why as I am not a programer.
I can tell you, however, that by placing the "vm folder" inside a new pk3 (named "academy.pk3") and deleting the "dummy.pk3", the mod werks fine when I switch maps.

Ok for the last thing, the cvar I stumbled on was by chance, when I was trying to see why the mod kept "unloading after a map switch". What I would do is, load the mod, then a map, exit to main menu, unload the mod (remember I was testing here), reload a map, then exit to main menu and reload the mod and a map (again plz remember I was trying to determine why when switching maps, the mod "acted as if it unloaded")
While doing this is when I stumbled across the cvar "g_useWhileThrowing". I'm assuming this cvar is part of academymod.

I hope this answered your questions, and I'd like to say since I pk3'd everything, I have no problems with this mod

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