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At a table near the center of the cantina sat Thew Rydur. In front of him were two empty mugs, toppled over onto the table top. A third mug was in his hand. As he sipped his Corellian ale he suddenly heard the tell-tale click of a flechette laucnher.

Thew thought to himself: .... Salus... no Golan. That's a pretty bold move there, bringing a FC11 into a cantina, a little too bold. Damn rookies.... I guess this is Tatooine.... Oh well.

Thew rolls his neck, cracking it and flexes his hands. Then pulling his S-5 security blaster from its thigh holster he walks towards the Zabrak unnoticed. He stops about a meter away.

Thew: Put it down now, or I'll drop ya. Then put your hands above your head.

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