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*The creature roars at Orthos and shoots flame at him again. It flies around him and lands again, lashing out with its tail...only to be find it landing inside the gravity room, falling upwards towards the ceiling. Confused, it rights itself and hisses at the group*

Marin: Now!

*Guy tosses the circular concussion bomb* Get clear!

*The bomb bounces once, then at the top of its second arc freezes for an instant as it crosses the gravity line. It shatters like glass in midair at the same moment.

An enormous wave of energy billows out of the shattering sphere. The group get back to avoid it, but the wave catches the creature off balance. It flies backwards, and suddenly finds itself caught in yet another altered gravitational pull as it gets too close to the walls. It is pulled rapidly backwards and impaled on several very large spikes.

The creature screeches, not in pain but in annoyance. It squirms to get free*

Marin: <It's vulnerable!> *begins to demorph into her normal form* <Go! I'll morph something to pull you back!>

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