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*The creature transforms to a more lesser demonic creature. Now more man like, more vampireic rather. Darkdeac enteres the spectural realm of tatoonie...*

Vampiric creature: *to darkdeac* "Spectar told me he had given quilities that were my brothers. All that means that you like me might need the life energy to help regeneration and our dark "gifts" to as well regnerate. This universe is known to me, do you of a place where there is alot of mortal blood, and victims can easily be feasted upon?" ((*cough*Couresant*cough*))


*Chi and RH Irvine get into a secure room. they both sit down at a table.*

Chi: "Okay, tell me, what happened..."

RH Irvine: "Exactly like you siad, he's me. even gots the same irrogence." *smiles* "...still, he's quite powerful. unfortunately i couldnt get much information on him. An assassin came forth and created a mortal wound. Then a Imperial Ship came along and picked up him, my clone. How interesting, that brief ttime i saw the assassin, he had a New Republic symbol on him... You think?"

Chi: "I don't know... honestly. It would explain how Kur could be killed so easily, he is quite the Jedi. But still, it was sudden..."

RH Irvine: "Chi? I still want to know how did you know of Kur's death, when the shields were up?"

Chi: "You wouldn't believe me if I told you..."


Elder Irvine: "Well, might as well meditate, to pass the time..."

*Elder Irvine goes off into the passenger section.*

WH Irvine: *now alone, in the cockpit* 'How odd, this "katana" seems to only ignite when I want it to, not like those typical sabers. yeah there is that Scythe that I had, but the curve on the blade on this one, if much different, like the scythe, this beam is more flat then rounded... interesting....' "Why did that person want to give this?"
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