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((red: well techincally no. seeing is that this vampire has been gone for quite some time (dead to the universe).

How ever spectar gave darkdeac and this vampire to ability to re-manifest themselves. Only if they managed to obtain some life energy from a being.

Darkdeac however may or may not be needing this stipulation as much, for him being an avatar and all.

As for the vampire, least time I knew he had a little snack on Sejiko, thus causing the revert back to Farran. And seeing is that Sejiko/Farran are apart of the blade, which to my assumption, have life energies how ever simular to humans, but more powerful in nature. (so if the Vampire didnt finish Sejiko off, the vampire could have taken enough energy to re-manifest.)

And sort of on the subject, you could guess in order for the manifestation to continue, they'd keep going for blood, so vampire and/or darkdeac (if needed) could keep on the vampiric trait of feeding on blood to survive))
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