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((It's perspective, Red. ^_^

Actually, it would be interesting to have an rpg completely in this style... in my opinion...))

" do what i say and you be fine... got it?"
*Greneral Reynir said*

*We agreed, with a nod*

*After that an officer sitting at the table dissmissed us, we left the command deck, and though we'd could grab some grub, seeing is that our stomachs were growling here and there. To think of it, that might have been why the meeting was so quick...*

*At the pilots lounge, we sat in our own table, like we were with our own kind, to be honest, it was sorta like that too, there were other pilots there from races of all sorts!"

*Raziel spoke a little loud saying:* "looks like we got a reaaaaaaaaaaaal strange social time here in the rebellion"

*Of course we laughed, but I kinda thought it was a little annoying to other pilots. I don't think Raziel saw it, until...*

*Tel elbows Raziel, amused.* "Hush, they're going to think you're xenophobic." *winks, then looks around a little more nervously* "We should sit down. We're looking out of place."

*I repiled (rather softly):* "No, kidding. But I still wonder if what I would want to eat today. The chicken or the pork..." *I grined at my little joke, but I knew what I might get my stupid self into.*
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