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hi i had a few more thoughts about this project

there was a mention about having dodging, with non-jedi characters and such, and how all "classes" as it were, would dodge, because there would be balance issues otherwise

anyway, i was thinking, maybe have it so jedi classes would use less dodge points (or non-jedis use more) whenever dodge is used, but have it so jedis do not use armor/shields, only non-jedis have shields/armor

another thing i noticed, this should be an easy fix, and although it wont really make it "more true to the movies," is how when you backpedal you run as fast as a forward run. i remember being annoyed by this in the multiplayer game, chasing after some bot looking back at you going backwards just as fast as you chasing them.

like i said, although this isnt an issue as far as the movies go, i think it is unrealistic, and would be better off changed to reflect it. maybe, when fatigue points are enabled, make backpedalling take alot more points than forward running. cuz really, can you run backwards fast without alot of effort?

also, i was wondering, although this mod makes the technical things about the game much better; the guns actually shoot like blasters, not slow ass gob cannons; the dodging is really cool. but it is still boring to just play FFA, duel, and the MP basic games over and over (especially with bots, cuz online servers arent there or hard to find)

i havent really been in the loop lately, and never with the MP side of JO, but i did hear about a gametype called saga, and i guess its a more objective-based gametype, and its already in game, but not enabled (last i checked)... perhaps, if you arent making your own new gametype, you can have the saga gametype enabled in MotF?

last comment, im admittedly ignorant on.
just a few suggestion-guestions.

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