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Originally posted by idontlikegeorge
anyway, i was thinking, maybe have it so jedi classes would use less dodge points (or non-jedis use more) whenever dodge is used, but have it so jedis do not use armor/shields, only non-jedis have shields/armor
Well, I don't really like class based systems. They're too confining to the customization factor of your player.

Anyway, I'm currently thinking of ideas on how to redo the current Dodge implimentation. I'm hoping to make it be based directly on the distance you have to move to dodge the attack instead of how much damage that attack does. This would more realistic and would give an insentive to actually manually move to dodge attacks instead of just charging. This would go hand-in-hand with the new concept for how dodge is visually handled, but I'll skip the technical details for now.

As for how how Dodge is balanced out for the different general types of players, I think the best strategy is to give more Dodge points to Jedi and give armor/health bonuses to the non-jedi. My concern with changing the Dodge cost based on who you is that would be confusing to the players. If the Dodge cost changes dramatically you can't be sure how long your Dodge will last for a given player.
like i said, although this isnt an issue as far as the movies go, i think it is unrealistic, and would be better off changed to reflect it. maybe, when fatigue points are enabled, make backpedalling take alot more points than forward running. cuz really, can you run backwards fast without alot of effort?
Seems reasonable. I haven't put any time into changing the movement code much, but I'll keep that in mind when I do.
i havent really been in the loop lately, and never with the MP side of JO, but i did hear about a gametype called saga, and i guess its a more objective-based gametype, and its already in game, but not enabled (last i checked)... perhaps, if you arent making your own new gametype, you can have the saga gametype enabled in MotF?
That's a good point. I had been planning to do some Saga Coding with Artifex but...

1. Artifex is bailing out of the "scene" for medical reasons.
2. Community support for Saga has been little to nil. Everyone talks about it like it's going to "save" the JK2 community but then noone makes Saga maps or plays the few that have been made.
3. Team based objective gameplay modes have been done to death in other games. While it is cool and all, we'd have to come up with something truely special to make it something other than just TFC/CS with lightsabers. The problem is that there's not much more you can do THAN make TFC/CS-with-lightsabers without coming up with something that I haven't thought of yet.
4. Coding Time is Coding Time. I could either spend my time improving the basic gameplay or spend it making a good Saga type of gameplay mode.
5. Everyone else and their dog is already doing this for JK2. I know the mod team AKA the AotC TC team is doing this sort of thing for our mod and there's at least 2 other teams working on the same thing. I don't think MotF could do it uniquely enough to justify being a seperate mod.
6. And most importantly, I don't think it related to the mission of MotF. Most of the notable combat in the movies is about individuals in combat not large teams of people duking it out. I think people would far prefer a more realistic rendition of the Vader vs. Luke battles than the Death Star blaster shoot outs (especially if 70% of the players have to be Stormtroopers that are basically banthfodder for the 3 main players)

Anyway, thanks for the feedback.

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