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((as much as Spectar, the specture, isnt there in that realm anymore, i'll just ignore the punch.))

*Spectar sits confertibly in a new plane of exsistence. he senses Darkdeac's anger...*

Spectar: <Of course everuthing has its flaws, you made the mistake by entering that body. How ever it has its uses... some of your avatar energy will allow you to re-manifest in the materal realm. just you can't do it too often. You must go abouts that bodies natural Vampiric needs for that body's full effectiveness to be enabled...>

*spectar lays back, felling better then he'd ever felt before.*

Spectar: "I could have invited more of my kind. But that hole sealed up... too bad. They were the ones who listened to me... But I was the one who didn't want to exsist in darkness anymore... I kinda pity them now..."
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