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A) Sejiko reverted to Farran because he was knocked unconscious.

B) The vampire drained Farran of blood. Farran is (almost) completely normal. At least, he has normal life energy. [Not that I care about your vampire remanifesting, just saying]

C) Ulna Shardes is my own made-up name for the Separatist's unnamed semi-secret capital planet. It's somewhere in the Corporate Sector.

D) I wouldn't alter the Galactic map unless I knew what I was doing. Hence why I never do it. Also, only mods can post attachments.

E) Is the Spectar supposed to be on the Aege's plane? Clarify.

F) Finally and most importantly (at the moment, cuz I need to know for my next post ): Is Ravan supposed to be still alive?))

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