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" animal knows when it's beaten.", Deriun finishes his sentence. He rubs his throat for a brief second, "If you ever touch my horns again, my blaster won't be set on stun."

He turns to the man applauding him, "Veshod, Deriun Veshod.", at least that was the name he was using this week. He holsters his weapon, even knowing that at any second the Zabrak could awake even more enraged. He doubted the bartender, or the spectator would allow this conflict to continue. "I don't think I was given the chance to catch your name either.", the sly Devaronian probes as he outstretches his hand in a friendly gesture.

OOC: BTW, I don't think a Devaronians horns would be very easy to grab onto given their size, but I just played along with it.

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