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((@Rogue15: Think of the planes are similar to heaven and hell, except there are more of them))

Wild Huntsman

*Tyr walked the corridors, he was restless. He didn't like the waiting. He finally entered a lounge filled with Einherjar. As he entered they raised their glasses to him. Tyr smiled at the acknowledgement.

Ordering a glass of mead, he sits down in the corner listening to the warriors talk. Scanning the room, besides telling tales other einherjar were playing strategy games, some more just relaxing.

Sipping the mead, Tyr thought to the battle, unsure if he would command a capital ship, or fly a fighter. He was leaning towards flying a fighter, but it really didn't matter.

His boldness in battle, and unshakeable courage would mean he would be placed in the most dangerous area. Tyr was happy about that. He was ever willing to demonstrate his bravery, and often inspired others because of that.

As Tyr sat in the lounge, in the back of his mind he knew that some of those who sat here today wouldn't survive the battle*

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