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Half way through his meal, Kamor took out a datapad and typed in a few keys. Then he bite his lip. They all knew he was looking up beings, mechines, conditions and animals that had a reputation for hiding from and/or neutralizing Jedi and the datapad was hooked up to both the old Order's main computer found in an old building, the Imperial library and the New Order's main computer. He found a few files of interest. "The Crystal Star files, The Vong Files, Esalamery, Dowsnd, and other creatures against the force: The perfect guide, How to hid from the force: a guide of protection from Jedi and Sith." (I never saw the names in person, so don't abuse me) He then switched to the old Imperial library. "Just files on Esalmery and clones." He then switched to the old Republic/Jedi libraries. "NOTHING! Besides on clones."
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