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Gahh. Deleted my post by accident of Katarn07 while adding links to his ships... So if you read this already, scroll to the bottom for his ship pics and what he looks like if you do not own the original JK.

Name: Katarn07 "Gunny"
Species: Human Clone
Age: 25-30
Weapons: Yellow Saber, Modified E-11 Blaster Rifle
Vehicle: modified YT-1800 Celphi Freigter Savrip Striker, modified YT-2000 Corellien Freigter Sable Dove
Special Abilities: He can use any weapon from fallen enemies, limited Force powers

A failed attempt of Galak Fyar. One of the first Reborn to be produced was a clone of the Jedi that would eventually put an end to the project, Kyle Katarn. One of the 10 Katarn clones, Katarn07 and his comrades soon began asking questions of their existance. The cloning was not a success. The 10 Katarns rebelled against their creators and laid waste to the factory. Only three of them survived. Katarn03, Katarn07, and Katarn09.

Fyar didn't stop the project, and instead decided to take prisoners from Kessel and try to infuse powers into them. This is the plan that would work years later.

Meanwhile, the three Katarns found work on the planet Nar Shaddaa. Katarn07 was quick to adapt to any situation he was presented. His fellow comrades, however, were dying. Their creation wasn't properly supervised. After their deaths, Katarn07 left planet with the credits they had gathered as freelancers.

He got medical treatments, but they were unneccesary. His creation was properly executed. He became a mercenary for hire, just like his host. He took the name Kyle Katarn and scored big instantly, often times using his appearance to fool his employers he was the real Katarn.

After he got injured in a massive explosion rom a Weequay called Guro, he was forced to get a prostetic arm. He lost most of his money on the purchase and was now seen to be an imposter. Katarn decided to reveal himself as not being the real Katarn, but his past work earned him almost as much respect.

Katarn now seeks employment whenever possible in his ships, the Savrip Striker and Sable Dove. Money is not important to him. His only goal is to put an end to tyrany in the galaxy. He also is just learning that like his host, he is Force-sensitive...

Here is a pic of Katarn07 (disregard the woman Sariss...):Picture

Here is a pic of what the Sable Dove looks like for those without XWA: Picture

Here is a pic of Savrip Striker: Picture

"The Force is strong with Katarn...." - Darth Vader, Star Wars: Dark Forces

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