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Post My third character, my 3rn NRI agent...

Name: Wra'fo
Species: Rodian
Age: 27
Weapons: DL-11 Blaster Rifle
Vehicle : Public Transportation, hitches rides with fellow NRI agents Klai Finn and Katarn07
Special Abilities: Can hack into computer systems with ease, can fly any ship with ease, not handy with weapons

Near the end of the Rebellion, Wra'fo joined the ranks among the many agents working for them. He left, however, after the Empire was overthrown and he became a Bounty Hunter.

He befriended a clone of Kyle Katarn near the peak of his career, Katarn07; but after that, his sister was killed by terroists. His work has slipped since then and he can usually be found drinking off his failures in bars and restaraunts around the New Republic district on Coruscant. He lives off of the income of his brother who is a sabacc dealer at a club on Coruscant called Bantha Oasis.

The alcoholic is trying to sober up to rejoin his former employer, Mon Mothma, in the ranks of the NRI. Katarn07 is doing his best to help him out when he can.

"The Force is strong with Katarn...." - Darth Vader, Star Wars: Dark Forces
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