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The rookies were just sitting having a rest when again the speakers of the pilotīs lounge said:

"Raziel and company, you have orders to present to Gral. Reynir in his quarters"

All the pilots standed up, and began the rush to the quarters.

They ran as fast as they could and entered the chambers

"Welcome rookies, i ve called you because i need your services for this mission, first i want you to check your sniper skills, i need 2 snippers, 2 undercover, and the rest should be the pilots for this mission"

Raziel lowered his head, as if he could remember something.

"something wrong, Rookie?" -No Sir- "good, i want to know with who i can count"

All the pilots nooded

"Excellent... This mission will be in the planet Tatooine, Princess leia and Chewbacca are on a mission looking for some one called Xizor, the Dark prince, lord of Black Sun, A criminal society of thievery, but well thats another bussiness, i want you to go to Mos Eisley, and check some `Thingsīthat are happening there, Iīll be plea... err the Rebellion be pleased if you find something stange.."

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