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[Advancing Time a bit here...]

*Deac and Co arrive at Coruscant. Deac is greeted by black coated NRI officers, who take him to NRI centre. There he is meeted by the same man he met on Tatooine. The major feature about him is that he has one cybernetic eye*

Beler: Hello, Colonel. I remember hearing some of your exploits on the news. My name is Colonel Beler Jil.

*Deac shakes his hand*

Colonel, we have wanted you for some time. Ever since you turned out to make first contact between the New Republic and an Extra-Dimensional being, your friend, Termand Rwos.
Then it seems you take one of the Aeges' avatars, the Starkiller, correct?
*Deac nods*
Then you travel to a second alternate universe, and then leave Syrnl Darkstar there. Not so sure about that descision myself. Now, you seem to be dealing with Avatars and Aeges again. We at NRI's Extra dimensional branch would like to recruit you. You will do what you always have done, except this time you'll get paid.
Are you in, Starkiller?

*Deac thinks*

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