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Hi ! If you take the key to go to the shield generator and go down to the first floor, you wont need to turn back to uper floor. But i'll make it possible in the next version. Once you are in the generator room , you have to shut it down by pressing the button behind the center tower avoiding the sparks. Then you have to go to the hangar near the one where you have started the level. There is a ship that you have to take control of.

The reason why i didnt give jump power to kyle
it's because two things: first those events occur
when he was a padawan (a jedi rookie).Secondly because i wanted to make it more like the fourth movie ( the episode 4)when luke, like kyle,was not able to use those powers. I didnt put any helpfull supply to make your life or shield increase because i wanted to make it hard but not so difficult to acheive for most of the folks who already did the single.

Thanks to give me feed back ! I take notice of all your advice . A second version will be made when i have a few more comments.


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