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The General MI FAQ

Where can I download the Monkey Island games?
You can't. If you're in the US or Canada you can buy them at the LucasArts Company Store though. None of the Monkey Island games are "abandonware".

What is the Secret of Monkey Island (TM)?
Read one of the most thorough theories here:

How can I get the old games working on [insert operating system here]? has the tools/links you need. Still need help? Try this forum.

Where can I find Monkey Island screenshots? How do I take them myself?
You can find screenshots here...

... or do it yourself:
For MI1, MI2 and CMI you can run ScummVM in windowed mode and press the "Print Screen" key to grab a screen. For EMI, you'll need to use a program like Hypersnap DX.

Where can I download Monkey Island downloads/music/save games/etc.?
Try these sites:

How do I aquire Monkey Island animations?
Check out these links:

Where can I find interviews related to Monkey Island?
Try these sites:

Where can I submit my fan art/music?
Try these sites:

Read The Mojo!
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