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*The Irvines reach a New Republican militiary barricade.*

WH Irvine: *over comm* "Hailing republican ships, we are refugees, myself and my father."

*in background* Elder Irvine: *not really heard by republican ships* "I'm not your father!"

WH Irvine: *comm link muted* "Quiet! we have to get through this barrier before we get to couresant!" *re-opens comm*


*Ravan gets attached to emergancy medical equpiment, en route to a better medical facility...*


*The vampiric creature still in a more human like form, finishes off 'feeding' off his latest victum on couresant...*


*The Bartelby & Loki reaches planet Duriel in the unknown regions of the galaxy, one of four planets nearby habitied by the Miliaristic Jedi*

*Guards remain outside Jokemaster's quarters all hours of their day*
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