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*In an empty area of space, the Aesirian fleet dropped out of hyperspace. At minute later more ships drop out, amoung these ships was the Svalin, and medical ships.

In one of 0he Wild Huntsman's hanger bays. Vidar stands towards the back of the hanger. A shuttle carrying Idun had just left for a medical frigate. Heimdall enters the hanger with a spring in his step. Seeing Vidar, he goes and stands next to him.*

Vidar: Hello, where are you off to?

Heimdall: Like you I'm going over to my flag ship.

Vidar: I didn't see the Gullintani amoung the ships.

*As he says this the sleek and beautiful Svalin enters view*

Heimdall: It was one of the last to enter the area.

Vidar: I see, well I should probably get over to my ship now.

Heimdall: Same here, I'll see you after the battle.

*Heimdall and Vidar get into seperate fighters, and launch. Gaining altitude relative to the Huntsman Vidar finally sees the Gullintani, it was close to the Svalin. Heimdall joins Vidar and each make their way towards their own ships*


*Odin took his seat on the bridge of the Wild Huntsman. The plans had been laid. He had said his goodbyes to his sons and daughters and to the other members of the council. Tyr, and Freyr would lead the fighter squadrons of the Einherjar, Freya would lead the Valkyries fighter squadrons. Idun would be over looking the medical ships, and the rescueing of soldiers. Frigg would be running the medical bay on the Huntsman. The other council members each went to their own capital ships.*

__________________________________________________ __

*An hour later everything was set, the fleet was arranged in an "U" formation. In front of the U was a group of 30 destroyers. An emergency message arrives at Odin's monitor. It simple read: Jotun eta 20 minutes.*

Odin: 20 minutes until it begins. Launch the fighter squadrons, the destroyers may begin.

Captain: Aye sir.


*Tyr and Freyr, sat together in the pilot ready room. When a tone sounded signalling pilots to go to their fightes*

Tyr: Come, time to have some fun.

*Freyr says nothing just smiles. He and Tyr go the the Hanger with the other pilots. A short time later 41 squadrons had launched from the various Aesirian ships. A total of 492 fighters and bombers had left the capital ships*


*Blue arcs of energy begin to appear and play across their hulls. After a few minutes the beams beging to connect. A deadly and beautiful web is created ready to destroy and strand the Jotuns as their ships enter the area.*

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