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*In it's death throws the creatures tail comes directly at Heimdall. Who had just freed his sword. In a smooth stroke he cleaves the tail and it falls to the cieling. Poision oozes from it. The Creature now lay motionless dead. He picks up his dagger wipping the blood off the blood he sheaths it. Heimdall exits the room, passing Misea*

Heimdall: You are dangerously close to the Dark side, be very careful.

*Without another word he passes her and sheaths his sword and goes over to Idun, bends down and looks at Aidan*

Heimdall: How is he?

Idun: I'm not sure, I need to get him to the Asgardreid.

Heimdall: Well the creature is dead let's see if we can leave.

*He goes to the door and with a small effort it opens.*

Heimdall: I'm taking Aidan to the ship, I believe we have what we came for as well.

*He picks up Aidan, and he and Idun leave the area heading back to the Asgardried. They don't wait for the others, reaching the portal the pass through and are once again transported to the station. From there they head to the ship*

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