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((lol - okay ))

*Rwos and the man face off. Rwos keeps his lightsword up and on guard. The man has his crossbow aimed at Rwos, but makes no move to fire it*

Rwos: Your prey?

Man: I was warned of you. I was told you were formidable opponents.

Rwos: You're no Shadow.

*The man looks past Rwos at the computer program running*

*Rwos' eyes narrow* You definitely aren't from my dimension. Yet I can sense some form of magic in you...

Man: You won't find any of those you are looking for here.

Rwos: What?

*The computer beeps, and a message appears on its screen*


Just me and this guy. So if there were any Gallyava left alive aboard, they're either dead or gone by now.

Rwos: Who---

*From behind Rwos voices shout. Several Shadows burst into the room, wielding large guns*

Man: *to the Shadows* I told you not to come.

*Rwos takes advantage of the momentray distraction to grab the disk sticking out of the computer and drop a small silver object. After an instant the object explodes, blinding everyone in a flash of light. Rwos teleports away*

Shadow: Stop him! Don't let him get to his ship!

*Another Shadow picks up a comm*

Shadow: Too late.

*Rwos' Blade fighter tears out of the blind spot above the Shadow's hangar created by the warpfield. Before the Shadows can fire his fighter warps away*

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