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*Marin pulls the others up and demorphs. The group carefully steps over the fallen pieces of wall and ceiling on their way out*

Guy: *to Heimdall* I don't think you can cure that wound...that poison looked, uh, how to put this. Enchanted.

Marin: I don't think the wound's fatal.

Guy: If it's poison it well could be.

Raschel: *to Orthos* Here's hoping that we're done with this part of the whole "quest" thing.

Guy: *overhearing her* But not with the quest. Remember? Ten keys, seven gates, fire, eye and ice. We're on key two, looking for gate two.

Raschel: *stops* You mean we're going to have to deal with nine more freaky temples and stuff just as bad as that before we can get ahold of the stupid Time Matrix?

Guy: Actually, considering this was the first stage of the *makes "quotes" with his fingers* 'quest' - that was probably the easiest part.


Guy: *to Heimdall* Speaking of which, that map? Where does it say to go? Oh, by the way, about the kid gargoyle, I think I can help.

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