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((Red, your such a bitch for copying my copy like that ^_^ :P ))

Man in Robes: "Very well then. My first answer would be that we are the very same people that trained your 'brother', lets just call him that for now..."

WH Irvine: "Alright..."

Man in robes: "Secondly, seeing is that he's one of the last of our operitives, I had to make sure that he wouldn't die by imperial hands. Lastly We have to make sure we could trust you with our secrets, and see if you might join us..."

WH Irvine: "That says alot. But why have you gone to harm him?" *shook head in direction of RH Irvine*

Man in Robes: "We try to keep our operitives in a sort of training mode. just incase one can't do what he's trained to do, he's no longer of to any use to us... I trust you might need to continue to be in that bacta tank?"

WH Irvine: "I can manage."

Man in Robes: "You sure? Last time we saw you injured you were barely carring your weight around."

WH Irvine: "What? How? When?"

Man in robes: "Oh, on that space station, it may look to be not ours, but we actually control that station sense the holocaust. execpt all the people operating it, don't know we own it. It's rather Ironic..."

WH Irvine: "I take it you rather not prefer being in the spotlight then, huh? So where are we..."

Man in Robes: "Still on Coresant... And we are going to be for a while..."

WH Irvine: "Good enough for me."

*WH Irvine goes back into the bacta and finishes his treatments*
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