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Originally posted by RpTheHotrod
Eh, guess I'm not saying it the right way.

Here's an example of what happened before. A group I was with online played a game. One of them decided to fund the entire group by buying a server.

I know it's non-profit...but you never know when someone might join and offer such a thing.

heh, nevermind...forget I mentioned it
Actually, that was the same Idea I had in mind. If I ever get into a decent paying job, I'd fund it myself, just for the exitment. Just so you know, LFJA has not closed the issue should a situation such as THAT develope. If someone who has money joined us and wanted to purchase us a server, we would welcome with open arms and we will once again open discusions. Until some rich bean joins LFJA, the server issue is where it stands. I for one admire your positive outlook for us. We need that around here, and it's good to have you with us! Welcome to the Academy!
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