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"Mmmm.... I see," the stormtrooper said eyeing the Devaronian suspicously," Lets ask the bartender."
Skaul shifted around the bar and pulled his DL-44 out of its holster and stuffed it into the gut of the bartender, all without the stormies seeing it.
" He didnt see anything, right bartender?" he said with a smirk as he pressed the blaster closer into his stomach.
"Uh yeah nothin' uh h-happened," he said nervously as beads of sweat streamed down his brow.
" allright I guess were not needed here," the stormie told the others,"Sorry for the bother folks."

Sithspawn that was close Skaul thought as he backed away, not holstering his blaster fast enough, the stormtrooper saw the shine and pulled up with the sound of a loading blaster.
Skaul acted quickly he turned left and jumped up on the bar, knocking the bottles and plates off the bar. He opened fire on the first Stormtrooper blasting away at his weak spot in the armor sending him back into the table. The other stormie pointed his gun at the other two.

I bow before the spoon.
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