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*The Jotuns arrived right on time. They had a very large force, around 150 ships. For the most part they were the size of Frigates, only a few destroyers. However, they did have a large and formidable commandship. Odin was surprised he expected a larger force.

Blue lines leaped out from the web hitting the Jotuns ships. Destroying weapon emplacement and engines. The Jotuns for the most part were unable to avoid the web. Some of their ships that were able to slow quickly enough managed to escape the trap. They regrouped around the commandship which and dropped out of hyperspace further back.

Space was then filled with weapons fire, and explosions. The crippled jotun ships inside the trap tried futily to defend themselves. With what little thrust they had the Jotuns grouped themsleves together. This was a mistake, since as one Jotun ship exploded it would damage or destroy nearby ships. THis made this portion of the battle easy.

The Aesirian destoryers disengaged their weapons as the last crippled Jotun ship was destroyed. Then the Aesirian ships formed up on the Wild Huntsman and began to approach the remaining Jotuns ships. This battle would be over shortly.

Then from the Jotun command ship, hordes of fighters spewed forth. Odin smiled, so that is the rest of the force that he was expecting. Odin sat directing the overall battle as the captain sent the Wild Hunstman to engage the commandship. THe Svalin and Gullintani followed. Entering weapons range the ships lets loose devastation broadsides.

Meanwhile, the Aesirian Fighters lead by Tyr, Freyr and Freya engage the Jotun fighters. The weaved between the capital ship. Flying dangerously close the the warships hulls.

The battle raged on for a couple of hours. Finally the last Jotun Ship was destroyed.

Odin sat back in his chair.*


*A valkyrie sends Ivan another message, this time from Raven's room. Once again entering and leaving undetected*


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