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*Ivan gets his reply, read it and sends another* 'interesting this one came from ravan's room...'

*Well techincally I should have been dead seening is that I had some Jedi here on the capital planet threatening my life for my 'war crimes'. I admitted to them and was prepared, but unfortunately he suddenly had something better to do then kill an old General turned political Buerucrat... that was a few days ago. So do I desurve to live either from the information I read today? I don't know... Do I desurve to live for my crimes agenst innocents, most likely. But Hell, It looked like I was swinging that lightsaber that I had no skill to use, like a soldier that was trying to get used to wielding such weapons again. But It took enough energy to keep the damned thing straight. So eitehr by you, a Jedi or even tiem itself, I will die either way...*
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