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I personaly voted for Talliusc. That is in a forum entity kind of way. In my oppinion it could only be done by Tal, as I have not the faintest idea how to go about creating a web site etc, etc... Asuming of course that Tal has the know-how. This is not to say that I would not take part in such a project (I am always willing to learn and/or help out).

From a story point of view I was thinking that Slayne would be a lone thorn in the Jedi's side after the defeat of Divine's Sith Academy. If however another Academy is formed, he would either co-rule it with Talliusc or be the right hand man. Darth Slayne (the character) is indifferent toward ruling the galaxy. His only passion in his LONG life is the demise of every single last Jedi, and he will go to extreme lengths to see this happen.

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