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you flatter me Slayne. i have little knowledge of website creation. i only taught myself how to make a simple site for hosting pics last weekend hehe. (thanks for spelling my name properly btw)

id really rather not count divine out for the count. as he does come back every once in a while. i really hope *though its probably futile* that the site still exists and Divine would share the link.

as for the story sense i dont think Talliusc could lead the sith. at least not alone to be sure. if anything were to happen (the way i see it) either Slaynes going to be the sole survivor and reak havoc among the jedi, or Talliusc will return and they will forge a partnership. neither master nor apprentice, just two entities bent towards the destruction of all who call themselves jedi. backed by the resources of the empire and the will to do what others restrict themselves from doing.

i dont know if the sith academy will ever rise to its former glory. but it will never fall. there will always be at the very least one member.

glad to hear you're still around Slayne (though it is somewhat less).

edit: i voted other btw.

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