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((I didn't, but I should have. After all if he came back in Holocaust he would logically still come back here .

About the same area thing: I was building up to something like that, but it's taken much longer than I anticipated))

Blade's Akasha Tower, Upper Sylviana:


*Room filled with consoles, and rows of raised platforms in the center of the room. A young woman sits interfacing with one of the terminals. Rwos appears on one of the platforms in a flash of light*

Rwos: Hey, Adriana. Long time no see.

Adriana: If it isn't Termand. *takes her hand out of one of the interfacing gloves and offers it to him* Where've you been?

Rwos: *shakes her hand* Off in that troublesome dimension you called so descriptively "noisy".

Adriana: Surprise. *puts hand back in the glove* How'd the thing with Ida go?

Rwos: I don't know. *proffers the disk he'd had on the Shadow's ship* Probably depends on how fast you can decode this.

Adriana: Oooohhh, interesting. *takes the disk in one of her gloves and slides goggles on* Whoa. This thing's got two totally different system encodings on it.

Rwos: Yeah. Got a data pull from two ship's computers. Didn't have the time to separate them, but one of them should be in...aah, Gallyava script.

Adriana: Gallyava? Whoa. Whoa. Gallyava?

Rwos: My thoughts exactly. Organized crime bit calling themselves the Shadows got one of their ships. I have no clue how they managed to do that. But I'm hoping whatever's on that disk can shed a little light on the matter.

Adriana: Okay, I'll get hacking. But you're gonna owe me an explanation when you get back, big time. Where are you going now, anyway?

Rwos: *setting teleporter* I have a meeting.

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