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"Unfortunate situatiuons often lead to unfortunate outcomes.", his response slightly cryptic, yet still revealing. Deriun was pretty much broke, he knew that he would have next to no problem getting a business going again. A couple good cons would fund his operation for a good couple months and let him get back on his feet again. Doubtful he would be able to pull another ocean reclamation scam, as profitable as it had been. Perhaps an illegal title transfer or two would be enough. All things he would have to decide in the near future, but first he needed to decide whether to have another drink or not. Deriun pulls out a small wad of credits, no more than a thousand. A small fortune to most here, but barely enough to live on for the Devaronian. He had become accustomed to the good life, and he would do whatever it took to stay that way.

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