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*Chi and RH Irvine meet in front of Jokemaster's 'assigned' quarters, the gaurds salute, and the two jedi enter, the guards relax*

Chi: *to Jokemaster* "Hello, My name is General Durco Varden Chisound, Or most have came to call me as Master Chi. This behind me I believe you had meet before, but never properly intorduced. Irvine Cracken Palpatine, the actual son and grandson of the former Dark Sith lords." *RH Irvine nods, as he walks a few steps forward...* "We made sure that there wouldn't have been a third in the family, unfortunately the're some other siblings..." *Irvine turns to Chi with a slight shock on his face*"...that need to be made sure that 100% not swaying towards the dark side. From what I heard, you had been in contact with one of those."

*Chi, motions that the matter would be delt with*

Chi: *continueing* " As a Rogue, how you say, Jedi temple of our own, completely Loyal to the Republic, at least not in any offical ways, we had formed during the Galatic civil war, but unfortunately we never became a big enough force to deal with the Imperials full on. We still are looking forward to more people for our cause, and that is a complete break down of all Sith and Imperal factions still left in this universe."

*RH Irvine stands behind chi, silent*

Chi: "I'm sorry to meet you on terms like this. We need your one hundred percent cooperation for this."
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